Current Sermon Series

The greatest misunderstanding about Christianity is in the way it is perceived by the world. Most of the ‘unchurched’ world refers to Christianity as a ‘religion,’ which, in the strictest sense of the word, it is. But to the believer, our faith is all about being in a lifelong, ongoing, growing relationship with the Lord. Other religions have no capacity for that kind of relationship–between worshiper and God.
How does one develop and nurture that kind of relationship? As R.C. Sproul wrote recently, “They need to know who God is. People outside the church know that God is because He has revealed Himself to everybody through nature and our consciences. But they don’t know who God is.” 
Prayer is the way we communicate with God. But we often do not really know how to pray, or to pray properly. This is the primary means by which we grow our relationship, alongside being immersed in the Word of God–the Bible.
We have just begun a new series on Sunday mornings that zeroes in on the act of prayer; what it is, how to pray, what to do and not do, and how prayer affects our interaction with God and He with us. We all have questions. Why not come and see if we can answer a few of them?!

The Gathering

Following our recent study for Lent, we will take a short break. We’ll be off for a few weeks but will return with a new study title. 

Berean Class

This class, which meets just inside the side parking lot doors, discusses the secondary Scripture lesson for the day, and provides a little insight as to how it works with the main text for the sermon.


Salem Bible Class

This adult class is currently studying the book of Genesis! Starting right where it all began, this is an intriguing look at the stories and the history of humankind’s relationship with their God.

Everyone is welcome to attend and join in the study of the Bible.