Current Sermon Series

For many years now there has been a war going on in our churches. Called ‘the worship wars,’ the dust-up has been focused on the songs used in worship, along with the way they are presented, i.e., do we sing accompanied by an organ, a piano, a guitar, or an entire band? Does it really matter?
The Bible is rife with commands to sing…new songs, old songs, hymns, psalms, spiritual songs. Whatever they may be, SING them!
Perhaps there ARE some things that matter. Our hearts matter, and our attitude toward congregational singing matters. Beyond that, it is a matter of personal taste. 
For a few weeks we’ll zero in on what the Bible tells us about singing together. Come join us in July for a discussion about how music impacts each one of us, regardless of our ability to sing well. 

The Gathering

Currently we are in the midst of a very interesting video-based study on the 119th Psalm. We meet on Wednesday evenings at 7 PM in the Berean classroom.

Berean Class

For the summer weeks, our two adult classes are meeting together to have a discussion on ‘What Happens When I Die?” The definition of death; where our spirit goes; what the Bible tells us about heaven and hell; and the future heavens and earth as renewed by God after the return of Christ. Sound interesting? Please come and join us!

Salem Bible Class

See Above…