Get Involved!


Our purpose is to oversee and plan activities that are not directly related to ministry. We do this in order to promote and encourage fellowship and
friendship among church members. It also enables us to reach out to people in
our community.


The Cemetery Committee is responsible for enforcing cemetery regulations, lot sales, and locating grave sites for burial.


This committee is responsible for maintaining membership records, providing a prayer chain for members and others who are in need of special prayer, and distributing the altar flowers as needed on Sundays. We also prepare and serve coffee & snacks during the coffee hour that follows Sunday’s worship service.


The Salem Hellers Memorial Committee is a group of parishioners that meet on an as-needed basis to determine how we should spend memorial contributions (money donated in memory of loved ones). The committee occasionally works with other committees and ministries to help provide insight and funding for special projects.

Each year, on All Saints Sunday, the Memorial Committee takes part in a church service of remembrance known as Memorial Sunday. This service is held to remember the previous year’s departed church members.

If you are interested in joining the Memorial Committee at Salem Hellers please contact Scott Gribble, Chairperson.


As we recognize all the blessings that we have, we willingly give all glory to God.

As believers dedicated to becoming and making disciples of Jesus Christ, we are committed to growing our faith in Christ through study, prayer, and action. It is our mission and our deepest desire as a church to bring to Him the honor that He wants from us.

As we go into the community around us, we feed the hungry and help house those who are homeless and in need of shelter. As we go into the broader world, we work beside those that have been called to serve in orphanages and other facilities found abroad. To those places we can’t go to with our hands and feet, we can give our financial support and blanket them with our prayer support. We are growing and learning constantly what it is . . . and how it is . . .  to be the hands and feet that we are called to be.


The Nomination Committee’s objective is to search for several active congregational members as potential candidates to serve as Deacon and/or Elder.

This is a yearly assignment which includes monthly meetings as required to complete this task.

The committee member will speak to the selected candidates to explain the purpose and duties required for this position and ask for their consideration to serve on Consistory. When the Committee has the acceptance of the candidates, their names are presented to Consistory in preparation for the congregational election.


The Property Committee is responsible for the upkeep of the church building (cleaning, repairs, security, renovations) and of the church grounds (mowing, snow removal). They meet the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.


The worship team is made up of volunteers who have a Spirit-led desire to enhance the worship of Jesus Christ in our church services.

Our mission statement follows Salem Hellers’s commitment which says,

Salem Hellers Church is Committed –
To Glorify God
To Grow in the Spirit
And to Go into the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

And so…

The Worship Team wants –
To draw people into the worship of God,
To enhance that experience, and
To glorify God by our lives.

Our regular meetings are scheduled on the last Monday of each month. We invite anyone to join us, especially members who are Lay Leaders, Audio and Video Technicians, and those who are part of the Music Leadership.

Our meetings begin and end in prayer for our church, for our worship services, and for the congregation. You are welcome to join us.



If you are interested in joining a committee, or would like more information, contact the church office.