Current Sermon Series

I apologize for the huge gap between entries here! Since the last notice, we have completed the Second Letter of Paul to the church at Corinth. In the final chapter of 2 Corinthians, Paul lists a series of commands that he prays will unite the church. 
For several weeks I want to address those commands, and to apply them to the contemporary church as we experience it. These are transitional ideas that Paul will further flesh out in his letter to the church at Rome.
Romans, then, will be our next big undertaking. It is likely that we will begin this series sometime in mid-July. So be on the lookout. The time we spend in the Roman letter will be well-spent, and probably take up a fair amount of the calendar year, if not longer. 

The Gathering

In the month of July we will offer a seven-week study on Prayer. Not your typical ‘how to’ study, this one zeroes in on the major question we must each ask: “Do you pray?” Well…do you? This will show us the purpose and need for each of us to engage in the privileged act of praying to our God. 
The study will be offered on Wednesdays, starting July 6. at 9 AM and then again at 7 PM. There is plenty of seating available for both times.

Berean Class

We meet in the large room just inside the education wing entrance. In this time together we follow up on the sermon for the day. Questions, comments, and corrections are encouraged! You have the chance to interact with the teaching of the day. 
Salem Bible Class 
The Salem Class has started a study based on Dallas Willard’s book ‘Life Without Lack.’ This is founded on the 23rd Psalm. Please join us for this eye-opening study.