Current Sermon Series

It has been a different kind of year this year. With the delays and the cancellations finally behind us, and our small gatherings taking place on Sunday mornings, we have been able to return to our sermons on John’s Gospel. 
As of the first part of September, we are closing in on the final chapters. Death and Resurrection; reappearance and the gift of the Holy Spirit; and Jesus’ loving words in restoration of Peter–these remain ahead of us over the next few weeks. Following the completion of this series, we will have a short break. Sermons will flow from a different place for a few weeks. Who knows what will drive them?! 
My intention is then to begin a new study on 1 Thessalonians. This will be a much shorter series, but no less powerful. Paul takes us into the next logical phase of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. After the Resurrection and Jesus’ ascension, the life we live is Christ-centered. In that life we look ahead to the day of Jesus’ return. When will that happen? What will it be like? Should we be thinking about it? Let’s join together in this study. Please pray for God’s Word to be made real to us as we open it together.

The Gathering

Currently on break

Berean Class

As of October, 2020, the Berean class will begin meeting again in the Berean room following worship. As  has been the case for the past year, we will spend our time asking and answering questions related to that morning’s sermon.

Salem Bible Class As of September 9, the Salem class renews its study of the book of Acts..